The Staff of PrayerFlight thank you for taking part in this very important endeavor. We believe that you will find your experience very fulfilling and inspire you to set aside time in your daily lives to pray over your communities and our nation. As we have said many times, the fact that we are praying in the air has no impact on the Lord answering our prayers, we do believe however that the perspective offered to our Prayer Warriors in flight will give you a fresh and new impact on your prayer life. When you have the ability to see just how small our world is and how big God is, you will certainly be changed.

General Safety Guidelines
All Prayer Warriors must understand that the PrayerFlight Pilot is in command of the aircraft as per Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and as such, it is important to understand his or her instructions prior to and during any flight. Prayer Warriors are encouraged to ask questions and make sure you understand any directions given to you by the pilot. All passengers shall properly wear their safety belts at all times while the aircraft is running and during the flight.

Flight in smaller airplanes is one of the greatest pleasures for many folks and to some, it can be intimidating. Depending on various weather situations, your flight may be perfectly smooth while some flights can produce varying degrees of bumps, know as turbulence. Our PrayerFlight Pilots have been asked not to fly in conditions when turbulence is of such a nature as to create an uncomfortable situation for their passengers, however, it simply is not possible for our pilots to foresee every situation and some light turbulence can be expected on most flights. If you think of it this way, it may help; turbulence is like a pothole on the road and is no big deal.

When loading the airplane, your pilot may ask you to sit in a certain seat as he or she prepares the airplane for its best weight distribution. For example, imagine if the pilot loaded everyone on the pilot’s side of the airplane, this would create a situation where the pilot would continually need to adjust his controls to keep the airplane balanced and in some situations could create an unsafe weight distribution situation. Also, please don’t get upset if the pilot asks you to give him your weight. Again, this would be in order for the pilot to complete his weight and balance figures for a safe flight.

Prayer Warrior Guidelines
The purpose of your PrayerFlight is exactly that – prayer. Although we are confident that you will enjoy your flight and we want you to, our mission is to pray for our communities, cities and nation. We ask that you take full advantage of your time in the air and “fill the air with prayer”. From this unique perspective you will see places that you probably have never seen and be reminded of the many facets of life which God has commanded us to pray over. We ask that you pray for our schools and governments. Pray for our civic leaders, police officers, safety workers and those who have charge over our kids in school. Pray for the safety of our communities, pray for peace in our neighborhoods, pray for the farmers and those who make provision for us. Pray for the homeless and those in need, pray for the sick in body and mind, pray for those who have lost loved ones.

Most of all, we would ask you to pray that God would reveal himself in our communities, that God would visit our land and heal our nation. Pray for redemption and salvation. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord would stir our people to come flocking to Him, in such an outpouring as has never been witnessed before. Pray as God places people and situations on your heart and trust that the Holy Spirit will be working in you as you intercede in prayer.

Finally, we ask that you come to this event prepared, in other words, be prayed up for this work. Seek the Lord in your prayer time and quite times for this event. Seek to be used of God and He will certainly honor your request. Be prepared to see our Lord work in great and mighty ways through the fervant prayers of His people.

God Bless you as you join the staff of PrayerFlight and a great many Prayer Warriors all around this state and our great nation as we seek God’s blessing upon the United States of America.