PrayerFlight has a goal of reaching our entire nation and beyond and as such we rely on volunteer pilots and aircraft to assist us in this goal. It is our desire to register each participant as we track this great endeavor and reach out to prayer warriors across our land to join us in prayer on our PrayerFlight dates. By registering your airplane and pilot, our staff will coordinate the efforts on a national level as we send our message of unity and sincerity to a world in need of Christ.

Pilots can be partnered with local prayer warriors if desired or you may register your entire team.

Pilots should visit our pilot’s page for further guidance on your local flight and links to aviation weather and information.

Register an Airplane and Pilot

PrayerFlight understands that whether we pray on the ground or we pray in the air makes no difference to our Lord. According to the Word of God, He hears the prayers of the righteous and position is of no affect. Our God will move at His great pleasure, regardless of our location on the ground or in the air.

Having experienced the great joy of flight however and the vantage point and perspective that is gained in the air, PrayerFlight believes that this viewpoint will stir you and move you to new heights as you reach out to God in Prayer. From the air we can see God’s great creation in such a wonderful light. You will be moved to pray for great masses of people as we fly above our communities with this new perspective. You will be moved to pray for segments and processes of our communities that may not have come to mind in the privacy of your prayer closets.

From our vantage point in the air, the words of that old song, “He Holds the Whole World in His Hands” will have new meaning as you experience just a fraction of how small our world really is and just how much God is in control.

The power of prayer is awesome and the goal of PrayerFlight is to reach out to God through the prayers of our prayer warriors from a different and unique perspective.

With your registry, our staff will attempt to match you with an airplane in your locality for these special PrayerFlight events.