Flight Report

The staff of PrayerFlight trusts that our Pilots and Prayer Warriors had a blessed and fruitful PrayerFlight. Remember, we must not stop praying for our nation and the communities which you flew over and prayed for. The bible tells us to “Pray Without Ceasing” and we trust that you will.

Part of each PrayerFlight is your report and testimony to the staff of PrayerFlight. With this information we can track our goal of covering our entire nation in prayer and post comments for others to see. We also want folks to be encouraged as they read reports of Pilots and Prayer Warriors flying over their cities and communities in fervent prayer for them and their communities. What great comfort to know that folks are praying for them.

We encourage you to post your PrayerFlight Report using the following link to our facebook site for instant access by our PrayerFlight partners.

FaceBook Link